The rationale behind conducting Frontline demonstrations is to demonstrate, convince and popularize latest technologies for the enhancement of yield and quality or those in the pipeline to farmers. This KVK is involved in conducting FLDs in various field and horticultural crops right from established in 1995 which include groundnut, greengram, sunflower, cotton, paddy, pigeonpea, safflower, chickpea, sorghum, bajra, foxtail millet while in horticulture crops like chilli, watermelon, bhendi, jasmine, coconut etc.

The thrust areas of FLDs are Integrated Pest Management(IPM), Integrated Nutrient Management(INM), popularizing new hybrids/varieties and this KVK to its credit and has the role of effectively popularizing the IPM in cotton involved effectively in implementation of cotton IPM and ICM in an area of 350 acres . Similarly IPM demonstrations are also being conducted since 2000-01 for effective pod borer management in pigeon pea, chickpea. This KVK is in the forefront in conducting INM demonstrations in groundnut, sunflower, chickpea and effectively popularizing new cotton, pigeon pea, sunflower, and chickpea, maize varieties / hybrids.